Seller Check List

I have checked my items for any stains, rips, or missing pieces.
My hangers are facing to the left as I look at the front of the clothing.
I have printed all my tags and attached them to clothing with a safety pin on the upper right side when facing me. See illustration
Items that have multiple pieces are grouped/attached together and I have marked each piece as "1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3", etc. with an item price tag on only one item.
If I want an item to sell for half price on Saturday, I have marked the Half Price box on the Add Item form.
If I want to donate unsold items, I have marked the Donate box on the Add Item form.
My Items are grouped by gender and size, in order to ease distribution when brought to check in.
Toys requiring batteries must have them. (Dollar store batteries are allowed)
None of my toys have been subject to any recalls or contain unlawful levels of lead.
If selling a car seat, I have printed and completed a car seat waiver.
If selling a crib, I realize the All About Kids Sale will not accept a drop-side crib.
I have printed my Check-In Item List report to bring with me at check-in.

Click here for more Infomation on Selling Items.

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