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For more information on being a seller, click on Seller Info and Seller Checklist.  If you have questions that are not answered below, please call the WBF office at (616) 261-3740 or

Profile Page

  • All fields are required on the profile page when setting up a new account. A seller ID will be generated for you.
  • In order to edit your Profile
    • Click Profile from the upper left menu list
    • Make any changes you would like
    • Mark the box "I have verified the above information"
    • Click Save button
  • If participating as a seller in the current sale you must select a minimum of 40% as your donation to Walking By Faith in order to add items to your account. You may change your 'Percentage Donated to WBF' at any time by going through the above Edit process.
  • If you intend to set the majority of your items at Half Price or Donate, you may select the default value for these options. You still have the ability to override these defaults when adding individual items. This will not change the settings on previously entered items.
  • For returning sellers, the first time you log in for a new sale season, you will be asked to verify your profile info and select the percetage you will be donating.

My Items:

  • If you do not see the "Add Items" link on the "My Items" page, you need to set your Percentage Donated to WBF to a minimum of 40% on the Profile Page.
  • This page shows all the items under your account. It will display 18 items per page.
  • Items from previous sales will be Inactive until you Activate them again. Please leave items you do not intend to bring to the current sale marked as Inactive.
  • You can Edit, Delete and Print Tags. Just select the items you want and hit the appropiate button on the bottom of the page.
  • You can sort the items by clicking on a column heading. Each click toggles between ascending and descending order.
  • There are links at the footer of the item table that help you select the item boxes more quickly.

Search/Filter Items:

On the "My Items" page
  • The search and filter can work together or independently.
  • You can search for keywords in the item description. You can also search by item number.
  • Filters help you search through the checkboxes.
  • Once a search or filter is defined, click the FIND button.

Add Items:

  • Before you start adding items, know what is and what isn’t allowed. View Acceptable Items.
  • An (*) astrick next to the column heading indicates that field is required to be filled.
  • Pre-Selects: When you select one or more of the options in this area (Category, Size, Half Price, Donate and Sale) it will automatically pre-fill all the lines in the Add Item form. For example, if you have a large number of books you will be selling and you want all of them to sell at half price on Saturday, Pre-Select the Category 'Books' and the Half Price box and they will be pre-filled in the 9 lines of the Add Item form. Should you change your mind on a couple of the lines, you can still manually adjust them as you enter each item.
  • Category*: Select the category that best fits your item. Four of the categories have an overall limited quantity due to limited display areas for these categories. The categories with limits are: Clothing (17,000); Shoes (900 pairs); Toys (2200); and Books (1500). The number of remaining openings in each of these categories is displayed in red on the Add Items page. Once these categories are filled they will no longer show as a selection in the drop down list. Please DO NOT select another category to try to get your item into the sale - i.e. Shoes/Boots or Coats do not go under Accessory or Miscellaneous.
  • Size: Used for shoes and clothing items. Please indicate size so that the item can be easily displayed in the appropriate area.
  • Item Description*: This should be 50 Characters or less; no special characters or hard returns please. In the event a tag is separated from the item, a good description will help match the tag back to the item. Examples – good description…“Pink Flower TCP short sleeve shirt” (include a brand name whenever possible.) Not so good description…”Pink t-shirt”
  • Items that have multiple pieces should be grouped/attached together. Print only one price tag for this item but mark each piece as "1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3", etc. with the item price tag on only one item. In the Item Description, indicate how many pieces are included. You may secure multiple pieces together with tape, safety pins or string.
  • Price*: This must be entered in WHOLE DOLLAR amounts only. Example: $1.50 should be entered in as 2 ." Do NOT enter ($) signs or (.) decimals. (ie. entering 5 will print as $5 on the tag).
  • Half Price: If you would like the item to sell for half price on Saturday (if it has not already sold on Friday) click on the 'Half Price' box. If you do not click this box, a star will print on the tag indicating that the item remains at full price on Saturday.
  • Donate: If you would like to donate an unsold item to charity, mark the "Donate" box. When you select Donate the item will automatically also be marked for Half Price. This is why...if the item is going to be donated should it not sell, wouldn't it be good to try to at least make some money from it rather than have it be passed by because the shopper didn't want to pay the full price. If you do not mark this box, an "R" (return) will print on the tag, indicating you intend to pick this item up should it not sell. If you do want an unsold item returned, you will need to come on Saturday, September 14 between 1:00-2:30pm to gather your items. Any item not retrieved by 2:30pm will be donated to charity regardless of designation. We are unable to store items for later pick-up.
  • Sale*: This is to designate which sale you will be bringing the item to. The "Either" option can be used for items that could be sold at either the Spring or Fall sale and you plan on returning the item to the next sale if it does not sell. This saves you time not having to edit the item for the next sale.
  • Save Items Button: This button saves the items into your account. At any item you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Items". You must save your items after you enter 9 of them.
  • Clear Button: This button clears the entire page. Those items will not be saved.

Organizing Items:

  • All clothing must be on hangers, with the hook facing left as you look at the front of the item.
  • Tags are to be attached with safety pins to clothing on the upper right as you look at the front of the item. We recommend putting a piece of tape over the safety pin to prevent the tag from ripping free of the safety pin.
  • Non-clothing items may have tags attached with masking tape or packaging tape, being careful not to cover item numbers or price.
  • Please organize your clothing by gender and size before bringing it to check in. This will greatly aid in the distribution process.
  • Items that have multiple pieces should be grouped/attached together. Print only one price tag for this item but mark each piece as "1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3", etc. with the item price tag on only one item. In the Item Description, indicate how many pieces are included with this item. You may secure multiple pieces together with tape, safety pins or string.

Edit Items

  • Click the My Items link in the upper left menu.
  • Mark the box(es) on the left hand side next to the item(s) you wish to edit.
  • Click the [Edit] button at the bottom of your list.
  • You may make changes to all fields except the Item Number.
  • When changes have been made, click the [Update Items] button
  • If you need to reprint a tag because you have made changes, you must go in to Edit the item and un-check the Print box, then click the Update button. If you do reprint a tag, be very careful to attach the correct tag to the item. If you have changed the price, but forgot to change the tag, we will sell the item at the price on the attached tag, (not the price in the database).

Delete Items

  • Open up the My Items page by clicking the link on the upper left menu.
  • Mark the box to the left of the item(s) you wish to delete.
  • Click the [Delete] button at the bottom of your list. A warning box will pop up asking you to verify that you wish to delete the marked items. Click OK.
  • A window will then come up telling you which Item number was deleted. You can return to your Item List by clicking the My Items link.

Printing Tags

  • Open up the My Items page.
  • Select the "Not Printed" option from the Filter list.
  • Mark the box to the left of the item(s) you wish to print. For a shortcut, the checkbox in the table header will select all of them displayed on that page. You can print a maximum of 18 tags at a time.
  • Click the [Print Tags] button at the bottom of your list. If the item has already been printed, but you need to print a new tag, you will first need to Edit the item and uncheck the printed box.
  • You should now see a tag layout page of the items you selected. When ready, click the browser's print command to start printing. This is found under the File menu or a Printer icon in the toolbar.
  • Printer/Page orientation must be set to Portrait. It will print up to 9 tags per page (3 rows of 3 tags each).
  • It is recommended you use Print Preview to verify the orientation and page breaks look correct.
  • We ask that your tags are clearly readable after printing. The tags should print out approximately 2.25" x 3" in size. We prefer you print on white paper. If you would like to print on a colored paper, please use a light color.
  • Remember that a "R" indicates you intend to pick this item up should it not sell. The lack of an "R" means it will be donated. A star means your item will stay full price on the discount days.
  • If you are having problems with the tags not printing correctly, please contact us.

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